Ugandan Rangers Visit Clanfield Junior School

On Friday Africa and Jane (Ben was feeling unwell) accompanied by Steve to Clanfield Junior School. Clanfield Junior School is twinned with Bukorwe Primary in the south of the Queen Elizabeth National Park and as both Ugandan Rangers knew of Bukorwe they were keen to see what its English Counterpart was like.

The morning started with a school assembly during which the headteacher, Mr Pickering, unveil a special gift he had received from Mrs Buckle. Mrs Buckle (Rebecca) was the teacher that had traveled to Uganda during the school summer holidays (see previous posts) and had brought Mr Pickering a tie which had the colours of the Ugandan flag emblazoned across it.

It was then time for Africa and Jane to talk to the children about their work in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The children were very attentive and enjoyed the many images of wildlife shown to them.

Africa said it was amazing how knowledge the children were and how well behaved.

The two were then shown around the school by 2 children in year 6 (sorry we forgot your names). The young guides were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their school. Indeed they were so good that both Rangers agreed they could get jobs as guides in Uganda when they were older.

After a break for coffee and to meet some of the teachers, Africa and Jane spent time with Mrs Buckle’s class before moving on to Mrs Negus’ year class.

Once again our Ugandan colleagues were very impressed with the knowledge of the children and the very interesting questions they asked.

Then it was school dinners! Africa and Jane enjoying fish and chips and declared that these were the best school meals that had ever eaten.

As with everything to do with the Twinning Project their is a serious side to these visits and for the Rangers involved in the Twining Project in Uganda it is important to see how the education system works in England and also to learn about the cultural differences and similarities between the two countries.

The lessons learned during this visit will be used and passed on to other Ugandan Rangers in QENP and will help to build the links between all the twinned schools and communities.

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